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The Calder Question, developed in partnership with the Calder Foundation, is an interactive educational collecting journey to challenge participants' assumptions about Calder and deepen their understanding of his art, culminating in a singular opportunity to collect limited-edition NFTs commissioned specifically for this partnership. For the first season, we are focusing on Calder's iconic artworks: Mobiles.

7+Achievement Tokens

Exclusive Access to the Calder Foundation

5NFT Artworks

Along the journey to become a Calder Scholar, you will have the opportunity to collect tokens. These tokens are evidence of your learning progress. Think of them as patches for your letterman jacket or magnets for your fridge. Collect them to show off your achievements.

As you journey through the experience, there will be opportunities along the way to unlock access to the Foundation. This exclusive access is the first of its kind. And, it will come in the form of unique rewards such as rare books and invitations to intimate gatherings. Find out more on November 15th.

Developed by Calder Foundation, five Mobile NFTs will be offered to Calder Question participants in an edition size of thirty two.Preview the artworks here.

The Journey

The Calder Archives

How did Calder change the landscape of art and sculpture? What served as his lifelong inspiration? Start exploring the life and work of Calder.

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